January 9, 2010

Some Samples from my Spring 2010 Fashion Photo Album

I am in the process of making a Spring 2010 Fashion Photo Album with pieces that I already own. This will be a sample album to show my clients. I like to think that this is one of my specialties in my stylist business. Taking what you already own and making it relevant to NOW. Yes, some things hanging in your closet must go. Of course we can't be fashionable ALL the time. (Some of you are saying, "Really, why not?") You will find out what I'm talking about especially after you become a mom, not that you should any time soon:-) We must keep some comfy yoga pants and fleece LL Bean jackets around, but I have to say that when you look your best then you feel great! This reflects in your work, your relationships, and in pretty much every aspect of your life! Here are just a few sample outfits I have photographed for my sample album from pieces I already had in my closet. These will be going into a scrapbook type album with descriptions of each piece. This is a service that I offer as a stylist to help my clients get better organized. The key is to always purchase nice quality clothing and always be thinking what else do I have that will coordinate with this piece I am about to buy? I shop anywhere from Neiman Marcus & Saks Fifth Avenue to vintage/resale shops & GoodWill. I never buy anything unless I LOVE it and it has to work with ME and MY OWN style. Here are my samples so far:


Frannie said...

I am in love with the jewelry! So gorgeous!

Alex said...

Thanks <3