January 17, 2010

I Am Loving the Look of Green and Coral. Mixing And Matching The Two Could Be Fun!

These two colors really bring the spirits up! They remind me of someplace far away. Someplace exotic. Someplace that I go in my head while wearing the two together...........
This ring by Licia Atelier really caught my eye. It is made of Sterling silver, amazonite, and coral. You can purchase it online by going to http://www.licia.com.br/ $90
These Vintage Chanel Earrings are simply smashing. If you must have them you can go to http://www.veryvintage.com/. I won't bother telling you the cost;-)

And this lipstick pictured above is my must have of lipstick of the season. It is a color created by fashion designer Chris Benz and Lamcome for this spring. It is the perfect peachy pink shade and looks great on everyone. You can wear it light or almost neon. Good luck finding it though. I think I am a little late but I still told the lady at the Lancome counter at Saks Fifth Avenue to call me if one becomes available. So in other words, I am on a waiting list!! She asked me how many I wanted. I told her just one. I have a feeling others are hogging. SO NOT FAIR!!! :-( To get on the Saks Fifth Avenue waiting list call 212-940-2033. Good Luck!

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