January 10, 2010

It's a "Bright Beginning" at Talbots for 2010!

There are some great things happening at Talbots this year! Maybe you have never gave Talbots a thought because you relate Talbots to your mothers clothes. Well I am here to say that there are quite a few pieces that would look great integrated into your wardrobe. It is all in how you wear it. I am loving the classic pieces that Talbots has made new again! Talbots flower pins $6 each!!! I love these because they can transform your look as any accessory would. They don't necessarily have to be worn on your lapel either. I wear mine down on my waist towards the side as well. They also look cool in your hair!
This jacket is so adorable. The 1st thing I notice that I love about it is the enameled buttons with the Talbots T logo on them. But it doesn't look like a T necessarily. It looks like a shield. Very varsity chic:-) $189

Who doesn't love the ruffles on this cotton chambray shirt! Denim is one of the top Spring trends for 2010 and this blouse will be perfect! $59

This 'Bansi' Mary Jane is very Manolo. I love the sexy 3 1/4 heel. Love the croco detail as well. $129

I am loving how chic these girls look. Especially the one on the left. The light peachy pink color that Talbots calls 'Monet' looks so beautiful, soft and pretty with the light grey pencil skirt. I also LOVE the cuff links and the gold necklace and the thin bronze belt!

See how they didn't worry about the blouse being white and the cardigan being cream. It's all about mixing it up!

This blouse is styled just like the chambray one I have pictured a little further up. Again, who doesn't love ruffles! This blouse will help feminize your suiting and also looks so cool with denim. $59

Like I said before the cuff links and flower pins are a MUST!!!
Cuff links: $29
Flower pins: $6

The denim trench is a great alternative to the traditional khaki trench. And as we all know, the trench is here to stay!

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Frannie said...

These are great style options! I might just need to check out this store!