January 4, 2010

Jewelry Trend Alert! ART DECO

Art Deco jewelry designs have been around since the 1920's. It became very popular between the years of 1920-1930. Art deco jewelry concentrates on geometric shapes and bold colors. It really was a more futuristic design back then. And now it is being recreated by many jewelers. One company that I think has a fabulous selection of affordable art deco influenced jewelry is Lia Sophia. www.liasophia.com I have to admit, I was not big on this look when I first started my research. I am typically more attracted to jewelry that is more feminine looking. After I started doing my research art deco began to grow on me. And just look at me now. I'm a fan! How could I not be? It is so intricate and beautiful. Every piece is unique! You just how HOW to wear it, as with anything in fashion. To me, art deco jewelry is going to look great with structured pieces that have a bit of a feminine detail. Such as this structured dress and gorgeous deco earrings pictured in the top two photos. Or this vintage Sassoon jacket of mine paired with this art deco necklace pictured in the last two photos.

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