January 19, 2010

Oh The Excitement!

Spring has not exactly sprung yet, but it is time to prepare! How are you going to prepare? Will it be a new spring wardrobe, a new pair of shoes, a new spring jacket, or a new HANDBAG??? The last choice was my choice. (last but definitely not least) I am celebrating spring with this new cross body bag by Matt & Nat. I love the zipper detail. It gives off a bit of an edgy vibe which should balance any feminine pieces that I wear. I am especially excited about this bag after reading about what Matt & Nat stand for. They are totally eco-friendly. The lining of all their bags are made from recycled plastic water bottles. There is a message inside each bag that tells you exactly how many bottles were recycled to produce your perfect accessory. The outside is made of an eco-friendly synthetic leather. I have read a few reviews about this particular bag because I love the zipper detail, but I was afraid that they might be sharp and snag my clothes. I have been told that this is not an issue. We will see;-)

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