January 16, 2010

Time For Your Top 10 Spring Trends! Here is #7: STUNNING SILVER BRACELETS

Everyone knows that your outfit is not complete without accessories. That is why one of the freshest Spring trends for 2010 is sporting a Stunning Silver Bracelet. These happen to be my top three favorites. I love this trend because this is something that never will go out of style for me. These are works of art that I would sport for years to come!
This top photo is a masterpiece by Elizabeth and James. It kind of reminds me of the way the trees look outside right now. A naked canvas ready to bloom into an abundance of shades of green.
I did not want to post another bracelet by the same designer but I just couldn't help it with this one. This is yet another by Elizabeth and James and it's a tough choice but this one is my pick. It's something about that feather being 70's chic. I also like the hint of gold.

This adoring piece is actually three separate bracelets by Ippolita. Their delicateness is what I love and they look super cool worn all together.

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