January 21, 2010

Time For Your Top 10 Spring Trends! Here is #9: PRETTY PASTELS

Pretty Pastels are the way to go this spring. They look great on every skin tone. You just have to find your shade. I am finding that I adore more than just one. Baby pink, butter yellow, pale blue just to name a few. Here are some gorgeous pieces to get you thinking spring. All you have to do is just put them on and I guarantee you will begin to feel warm and pretty;-)


Frannie said...

I think lavender and pastel green are the pastels for me. Great post! Also I've tagged you for a blogger award!

Alex said...

Aury! You are so sweet! It means so much that you read my blog. I am loving your blog as well. You are a supurb writer!

Kay Adams said...

That little "V" collar lace blouse is soooo yummy!!