January 23, 2010

Time For Your Top 10 Spring Trends! Last But Not Least Here is #10: THE WHITE STUFF

I know we have seen enough white this winter, but it's a lot more fun wearing it than playing in it, for me anyway. In my job I come across quite a few ladies who claim that they can't wear white. They say that they can only wear a cream or a winter white because it does nothing for their complexion. This is mostly coming for women who 'have their colors done' which I do not believe in. There are just way to many tones of colors to know exactly which ones you can and can't wear! Plus you can really change up your own coloring with your make up and hair. I suggest experimenting and having fun. Don't categorize yourself. That can get so boring!! And getting back to white. It is just so pure and pretty. You can't go wrong. Oh and pleeeaaasseee stop worrying about wearing white before memorial day and after labor day. That is so old school. Even Coco Chanel broke that rule. Miss Victoria Beckham living the lap of luxury in her white.

This is a vintage dress that you can find at eBay store www.stores.ebay.com/Magnolia-Family-Vintage. I love the white dress with the black tights combination.

Now this white hair look is a bit daring, but I think this girl looks super cool. If you can pull it off, why not go for it!

This look is so light and airy. I love the way she paired the off white cardigan and the bold brown belt with the flowy whiteness of this dress. Her sandals are really cute too and I could actually walk in them!

If you didn't get a pair of white jeans last year than you must this time around. I guarantee that every spring you will dig these puppies out. They look so fresh and modern.

Here are more great whites!

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