January 9, 2010

Time For Your Top 10 Spring Trends! Here is #4: NOUVEAU PRINTS

There are three specific prints that I am seeing a lot of for this Spring of 2010. The first being Floral Prints. Bold or subtle, the floral prints are something we seem to see every spring. We even saw floral prints into the fall of 2009. Now they are carrying over to the spring in lighter weight flowey fabrics.Dress: French Connection $148

Dress by ETRO

Dress: JCrew $250

Top: Twelve by Twelve $22

Dress: Forever 21 $22.80

The next pattern making a come back this spring is the Ikat Print. This was very popular last spring as well and I am kicking myself for not grabbing the pieces that I saw on sale at the end of the season last year!

Coat: JCrew $395

Oscar de la Renta

Scarf: Forever 21 $15.80
The third pattern making a comeback this spring is anything in a Tribal Print.

Wellies from Topshop
Dress: Forever 21 $22.80

Top by Guess
Tribal print bracelet by Forever 21 $4.50


Frannie said...

I am in love with that Oscar de la Renta dress!!!

Alex said...

Who isn't in love with Oscar de la Renta??? Before I die I will own something by Oscar. It's just one of my goals;-)