January 24, 2010

Walk Into A Rainbow!......Instead of A Mess;-)

Today I decided to clean up my closet a little. I Love my closet. I would have to say it is my most prized possession. My dad designed it for me and when we remodeled the upstairs of my house. He helped me decide how to configure the room so that I could have the biggest closet I could possibly have! He also lined the whole closet with cedar boards including the ceiling! I stand in my closet every morning and just admire it. Then I figure out what mood I am in and go from there. I usually do this after my shower. I don't know what mood I am in until after I have had at least one cup of coffee and my shower. I feel like it will be even easier now that I have colorized it. From light to dark. I don't know how to explain it. It's like I can breathe again. (taking a deep breath in now and blooooowwwing it out:-) In this top photo you can almost see the whole closet. Can you see the rainbow?

This is the bottom half. I had to combine some of my tops in with the pants because there was not enough room on the top bar. That's ok. At least they are still colorized.
Black bottoms.(and some tops)

Blue bottoms into navy, then purples, pinks, reds, tans, browns, and grays.

On this side I started out with all denim then whites, and creams.

Here are the tops. Pinks, fuchsias, corals, reds, browns, grays, and black.

This is a better picture almost the same as the one above it.

This is the end of the creams, beginning of yellow, green, blues, and purples.

Here are the whites into the creams.



JUST WILD! I COULDN'T FIND ANYTHING! (that's just the hose to my vacuum hanging there in the corner in case you were wondering:-) I am really happy that I took the time to do this colorizing. It really did not take long and now I can see what I have. I was a little confused on where to put the prints. I just went with the most prominent color in the garment and placed it in that category. I put the prints mainly at the end of each color story.


Kay Adams said...

Cool. Cool. Cool. Fun post Laura -- and DECADENT CLOSET!! You are so in the right business~! :))

Jess said...

I'm thinking of colorizing the racks in my Resale/Consignment shop instead of only sorting by size.. working on adding new racks and closet poles on the walls so I can sort things out easier! Really like the colorized look, its so easy on the eyes and really makes it easier to find what you like... I know I always tend to look for the pink, red and black tops, hehe!