February 17, 2010

The Floral Bustier

It doesn't get any sexier than the floral bustier for spring! You might be thinking that this look is too bare for you, but that is not the case when the bustier is coordinated with a great basic cardigan that you may already own. I also adore the way a denim jacket, like this cropped one, looks with a bustier that is longer with ruffles. A great look for making ladies with a short torso appear longer. This big black bow just adds that little bit of lady like style that you may or may not want to project. Your personal style may call for a thinner ribbon in a different color, a belt, or nothing at all! Putting on a cardigan or a jacket makes the bustier more wearable and it also personalizes the look. Otherwise the bustier could make you look like a show off. The idea is to get people to notice YOU, not your cleavage. So the bustier may not be for everyone. Busty ladies might have to shop around a bit for a bustier with more coverage and with a built in bra.

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