February 23, 2010

The Ladylike Rocker

Today's blog entry was inspired by one of my very favorite bands of all time, Heart. I adore quite a variety of music, but Heart brings out the rocker and the roller in me. I love Ann and Nancy Wilson. They seem to achieve the impossible, not only with their musical talent, but with their ladylike rocker style. They both are as classy as their leather is tough. Which is why you need to first watch this video, Alone by Heart from the 80's, and then take a look at my photos of what you may need to achieve this ladylike rocker look for yourself. A guitar and a great voice is not necessary:-)

Balmain~Spring 2010

Blue eyeshadow can be sooo pretty when done correctly. Here is a picture of the lovely Kate Bosworth sporting the blue eyeshadow look and a model working the catwalk with her ladylike rocker style. Notice the hair is kept soft. The perfect balance for this rocker vibe.

A black birdcage veil is another way you can rock this look. This is yet just one more way that you can keep this look from getting too tough looking. We are ladies, so we want to look and act like one, that doesn't mean we can't rock out at the same time!

This gunmetal nail polish by Lippmann Collection is actually really pretty and can be a little less harsh than wearing the black polish that we have been seeing everywhere. You want to achieve this look on short nails otherwise you could come off as looking a little like Elvira. YIKES! Also, a couple of chunky sparkly CZ rings can really glamorize this look.

It doesn't get anymore ladylike rocker than when you sport red lipstick! Try a shade that is more of a cool blue red for paler skin tones and a warm orangy red for darker skin tones. I am LOVING this lady like rocker look from Twinkle by Wenlan for Spring 2010. See how rockin' she is?!!!!!! (Take notice of the red shoes. Just gorgeous!)

A little leopard goes a long way so you want to make sure your hair looks really soft and never spiky or too severely straight when wearing it. A little black eyeliner maybe on the top of your lids and red lipstick and you are rocker ready. And don't forget your black stilettos!

And how could we forget black fishnet hose. They scream I am a classy rockin' girl!

And here is my girl Madonna perfectly achieving this ladylike rocker look with her little black strapless dress and lace gloves. Notice how her soft hair style and lace gloves soften the edginess of this rocker dress. Just BEAUTIFUL!


Nancy said...

I so loved "Heart" in their day. Thanks for bringing them back to mind. De ja vu!

Bobbi said...

You need to have your own magazine!!!! This is GREAT Laura!!!