February 1, 2010

Laura's Lovely Look Of The Day~ALEXANDER McQUEEN

Alexander McQueen is known for his unconventional designs. I feel that his designs really compliment the female body, but they are not always so wearable for 'real' life. (my real life anyway;-) When I came across this fabulous look in my Neiman Marcus catalog I was awestruck! This outfit is so wearable and so contemporary. I love how he did the strong shoulders, but the blouse is very soft and feminine. And the polka dots!!! I love polka dots. It's like a modern Doris Day! I love the hem on the skirt. It balances out the whole look and makes for such a pretty look, and it is long enough so that I could actually wear this to work! Also loving the sailor style button front. Anything nautical is always in style for spring/summer.

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