February 19, 2010

Three fashionable sisters~Three different personalities

My beautiful friend Debby let me borrow her favorite movie of all time, Crimes of the Heart(made in 1986), about 6 months ago. I forgot I had it and last week she asked me if I watched it yet. As embarrassed as I was that I still hadn't given it the time of day, I told her the truth. That I hadn't watched it yet. I forgot about it! In fact I forgot I even had it! She told me that she needed me to watch it over my 4 day weekend and she would take no excuses. Well finally I did.....and I loved it! I totally saw why Debby loved it. It is a quirky tradgic comedy about three sisters who are all very different, but that doesn't hold them back from loving each other for who they are. They stand up for each other no matter what the situation. This is so Debby. She loves all her friends for who they are and wouldn't want them to be any different. She has one of the biggest hearts in the world and she is loved by all!
I was inspired by the very different styles and personalities of these ladies in Crimes of the Heart. I got to thinking that if this movie was remade, what would be the 2010 version of thier styles? Read on and find out my thoughts........

Sissy Spacek in Crimes of the heart
Sissy Spacek in Crimes of the heart by LauraLy featuring Nine West shoes

This would be Babe, the youngest sister played by Sissy Spacek. To me her style was actually something like mine today. Kind of romantic and girly. Above are the pieces I picked out for her todays character.

Jessica Lange in Crimes of the Heart
Jessica Lange in Crimes of the Heart by LauraLy featuring Tracy Reese dresses

This would be Meg, the middle sister, played by Jessica Lange. She is a singer in LA, but she comes back to Mississippi since her music career has stalled. She has a super cool Hollywood chic style. She wears only two outfits dring the whole movie. Mostly she sports an adorable short floral mini dress, a denim jacket, Ray Ban sunglasses, pink heels, and a cigarette. See above to see my version of Meg.

Diane Keaton~Crimes of the Heart
Diane Keaton~Crimes of the Heart by LauraLy featuring Jones New York skirts

This is Lenny, the oldest sister, played by Diane Keaton. She has always been the responsible one who has never been lucky with men and relationships. Her style is very sloppy preppy, and kind of well........ matronly. I can see why she has trouble getting men to notice her. Although the modern outfit I created for Lenny could get her a little more attention:-) See above.


Viva La Fashion said...

the last collection of clothes are adorable and i love it. :)

Alex said...

awwww thanks!