February 9, 2010

Tweeds and Florals.....yes, they DO get along:-)

It took me a while to find these pictures to show you whats going on in my head. And it is hard to make these pictures go together with this blogger thing.(By the way, if anyone has any tips on how to position my pictures better on this blog please e mail me!) But hopefully you will get the idea. Tweeds and florals are super fresh and super chic when worn together. I know the look can be a bit much for a lot of ladies. But if you do it right, the two motifs will get along perfectly, just like it was meant to be. Think of it just as though you were decorating your home. Your couch might be a floral and then you might through some tweed pillows or plaid pillows to get a little variation. It's the same with fashion. You will want to be very careful though. There is a fine line between looking effortlessly chic and clownish. (effortlessly chic is what we are going for here in case you were getting confused;-) I could not find a lot of dresses on the net in tweed, but I did find a few tweed sample fabrics to kind of give you the idea. Here they are! Please let me know if you get it.....or not:-) Sometimes it's hard to explain what is in this head of mine.

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