February 14, 2010

Who doesn't think of the movie 'Pretty In Pink' on Valentines Day?

You must remember the movie from 1986, Pretty in Pink staring the one and only Molly Ringwald. In her role as Andie she played a super cool romanic girl with a fabulous sense of style. I always admired how she knew who she was and was not afraid to be an individual. She was not like everybody else and did not want to be.

It was so tough back in high school to be yourself. I am soooo glad I am not back there anymore!

I remember after this movie came out in 1986, (I was 12 years old:-) my mom took me out to Foxmore in the Bangor Mall(does anyone remember that awesome store???) and I got to pick out a super cool outfit for my first dance. I picked a ballet pink bateau neck style knit top and a one piece jumpsuit with big pink flowers all over it. Then we went to Brooks (another cool 80's store) and I got my 1st denim jacket. It had puffy shoulders and was a faded denim across the top. I was sooooo excited! And I do have to say that the outfit was a hit at the dance:-) All the girls loved it! Even the 8th grade girls! All the boys thought 'what the hell is that?' I didn't care. It wasn't about the boys, it was all about the clothes! At least when I was 12............and now...........OK, so it is and always will be all about the clothes!

Here are some inspirational looks from one of my favorite movies of all time, Pretty In Pink! Happy Valentines Day!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Her prom dress was amazing here! She looks so pretty! Not to mention how cool Duckie's shoes are;-)

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