March 27, 2010

Be the "Next Big Stylist!"

OK, so I never enter contests. I never win anything and I TOTALLY never expect to. But this was a contest that I actually wanted to enter because it was fun! Plus I do this kind of thing everyday anyway. Meaning I create looks for people EVERY day. This was a contest on a website called Polyvore where you can create sets of different looks for clients, magazines, etc. And you can use items that you find on just about any website. However, if you enter this contest you could only use items from Piperlime. And if you win you might just get to be the "Next Big Stylist" and be on Bravo with Rachel Zoe!!!! Now that would be awesome:-) There were 3 different scenarios. #1 was that your client is going to attend her friends wedding and doesn't want to outshine the bride. #2 was that your client is attending her 10 year class reunion and she wants to look great. #3 is that she is a high powered executive and she is meeting her boss today, but she also has a date tonight with a new guy. Here are my creations:

This lovely outfit will work for my client no matter what time of day the wedding is. She looks simply charming. She would never outshine the bride in this outfit, but she may get the attention of the grooms best man;-)
Love in the Afternoon.....or evening...
Love in the Afternoon.....or evening... by LauraLy featuring kate spade

This outfit tells her fellow classmates that she doesn't have to try hard to look good. She just threw on the little black jersey dress that she had hanging in her closet and her red accessories for that extra POP. She made sure that she wore her cross body bag because she would be dancing with the hottest guy in the class ALL NIGHT LONG!
Ugly girl in the class NO MORE!
Ugly girl in the class NO MORE! by LauraLy featuring Marc by Marc Jacobs bags

This ensemble totally takes my very successful client from day to night. This leopard print dress is so classic especially when worn with the one button blazer. When she meets the vice president of her firm she is sure to come across as being the confident woman she wants to portray. Keeping her date this evening in mind, she carries the clutch inside of her day bag. And once she has a couple of sips her martini the conservative jacket may just have to go!

I am superwoman. Hear me ROAR!
I am superwoman. Hear me ROAR! by LauraLy featuring kate spade shoes

*if you would like to enter this contest go to and sign up!

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