March 20, 2010

Get Lucky at Macy's!

While shopping today with my friend Cindy we came upon a fabulous discovery! The Lucky Brand has come to Macy's in Bangor, Maine!! Now, some of you may be thinking, big deal. And you are right. This is a BIG DEAL for Bangor! I have always known about the Lucky Brand. I was able to purchase it online if I wanted to. But now I can go to Macy's in my town and actually see and touch it before I buy it! Now, I am not sure if they had the actual Lucky Brand clothing or not, but they did have shoes and handbags and I have to say that I was impressed! The details on these pieces are so adorable. And as you ladies know it's all about the tiny details that really make us happy. It's what makes us feel like buying it! Why would you want something ordinary?? You want something unique and stylish. Yes, you may pay a little more for it, but it is worth it because you love it. And that's all that matters:-)

Cindy bought these fabulous Chantal cowboy ankle boots by Lucky Brand. The tiny grommets and the peace sign zipper pull are so adorable. And they have a tiny little heart and peace sign imprinted in the leather at the heal. You have to see them im person to totally appreciate.

See what I mean about the details??? This flower stud hardware is so cute. The guy in the shoe department laughed at us when he heard us calling it hardware. He didn't quite understand that we were not joking. It really is called hardware!!! (I think he was thinking True Value, which is a hardware store here in Bangor where they sell least I think they sell tools. I don't know for sure. I have never actually entered that store.)

I LOVE this handbag! I actually found this one on e bay. So cute!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

One of my close friends has the Lucky boots that she hardly wears. What a shame!

Alex said...

Awww that's too bad! Are they your size? Maybe she will give them to you!