March 7, 2010

How I Work My Latest Wardrobe Addition~The Babydoll Cami

I am so excited to share with you all the super cool and exciting ways that I plan on wearing this gorgeous babydoll cami that I just received from an order I placed at a home clothing party that I went to a couple of weekends ago! (I know, I never knew home clothing parties existed either!) The possibilities are endless, but then again that is what I always say about mixing and matching.

1st of all I wanted to show you the top all by itself. It looks much better on an actual human. My bust form was too big to fit it on and I didn't want to rip it, so I used some invisible tape to just hold it up on the bust so you get the basic idea. Take a look:

Now you will see in the 1st photo that I put my shiny cropped Burberry jacket over the cami. I used the silver necklace with a little bow detail to feminize the sharp military look. I would probably wear my black pants that have a cuffed hem and a slight flare on the bottom half.The 2nd photo shows a Chanel inspired look. My chain necklaces came from Good Will for .99 cents a piece! A good friend of mine got them for me. She watches out for me and thank goodness she does:-)

This short sleeve cardigan in a beautiful shade of yellow by J Jill, is a piece that a client gave me because it did not fit her well. (one of the perks of being a wardrobe stylist:-) I knew there was something I could do with it! These yellow flower earrings look great with this ensemble. I picked those baby's up a year or so ago at TJ Maxx. And the statement pearl necklace from Talbots is one of my FAVORITE things that I own. I actually wear them a lot and they always get a lot of attention;-)

This white crochet cardigan is a piece that I purchased from Talbots last summer. Sometimes I think crochet pieces can look a little dated. So, I UPdated it with my fresh new babydoll cami, a pretty scarf, and contemporary jewels. This will look so awesome with my black skinny jeans and a pair of ballet flats.

Here is a more elegant look. I thought it would be perfect for an evening wedding and/or reception if such a thing came up. Also, just great for a cocktail party! I put the cami with my little black sequin skirt and then made it look not so black with the aqua wrap tied in a modern style knot. The wrap is so easy to wear and is just what this outfit needed. The triple strand bold necklace also modernizes this look.

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Wow!!! I love all the ensembles!!!