March 19, 2010

My latest Inspiration~ THAKOON

Meet Panichgul Thakoon. He is an AMAZING designer who's womanswear line debut took place in 2004. Six years later he is 35 years old and continuing to hold is head high in the fashion industry. I truly admire his feminine designs that are made for a real woman's body. And just when you think you've got his style pegged, he throws something very unexpected into his collection. His fan base is continuing to grow and now he even has a true celeb following! Celebrities such as 1st Lady Michelle O'Bama
(yes I consider her a celebrity:-), Natalie Portman, Demi Moore, America Ferrera, and Sarah Jessica Parker are all going crazy for his designs. His past collaborations include Nine West, Gap, Hogan and Target. Very impressive Thakoon. And I promise you that one day, I too will own something with your name on it:-) Or several things depending on how bright my future never know!

1st Lady Michelle Obama wearing a Thakoon dress.

Fashion's Night Out Market Tote created for Kirna Zabete by Thakoon.

Thakoon's Watercolor Silk Blouse

I am adoring the gorgeous colors that Thakoon uses! These dresses are to die for! And this jumpsuit is what I mean by Thakoon throwing something unexpected into his collections. This is one of my favorite pieces that he did this spring. It looks so comfy and we all know how I feel about jumpsuits! Well, if you follow me you do...............:-)

psssst......I LOVE jumpsuits!

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