March 29, 2010

Prairie Girl

The prairie girl look has come a long way since Little House on the Prairie. (Still one of my favorite TV programs by the way:-) It's hard to believe that they made most of their clothes back then. Back then meaning the 1870's. We are so spoiled nowadays with everything being made for us. All we need to do is go to the store and buy it. It's not a wonder why we can't ever find the perfect fit though. How does the manufacturer know what our body type is?? The answer is simple, they don't! But that's a whole other story for another time. So, back to the Prairie Girl look of the 21st century. Think plaids, short full skirts, cowboy boots worn with minis, denim, and peasant style tops. These pieces would be easy enough to sew up, wouldn't they? Minus the boots that is. Oh and when it comes to the hair, think modern braids. A bit of a messy look. One braid worn off to the side, two braids worn clipped up to the top of your head, or wear your hair down and throw in a few tiny braids throughout. The key is to keep it NOT perfect. Make up should be minimal. A little eyeliner on the top lashes, mascara and rosy cheeks. The only piece of prairie girl that more than likely will not come back into style is the bonnet. Who wants to look like a big baby?! Go with a straw cowgirl hat instead. So kick up your heals! Or kick back and relax with a glass of lemonade;-)
This top is from gap. It is plaid but still quite feminine. I love the cascading ruffle down the front.
This 'Bella' embroidered cotton tiered skirt by Juicy Couture is super sweet!
Prairie Girl
This is my Prairie Girl creation that I made on Polyvore. The pieces I used in this set are listed below.
Prairie Girl by LauraLy featuring Christian Dior sunglasses

This shoe by Joie reminds me of a prairie girl. A cool alternative to a boot.

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