March 22, 2010

Risky Business on Project Runway Paid Off!

Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire magazine Joanna Coles took a huge risk when deciding to make it a challenge for the contestants on Project Runway to design the perfect dress for Heidi Klum to wear on the April cover shoot. I personally thought this was the best challenge I have ever seen put forth on this show! I know if I was in the shoes of the contestants this challenge would have really pushed me. If I were one of the judges, what a great way to determine if one was actually ready to step it up and create something for a specific person, keeping that person in mind the whole time you are designing. I was in 100% agreement with the judges pick on the winner Anthony Williams. I loved how he created something that would be perfect for Heidi, but also kept his own style. You could totally tell that this was his design, yet it would look perfect on Heidi! Not to mention that it might happen to look great on a ton of other women in this world too......including myself;-) I adore the origami detail in the front. It adds that interest that would make me pick up the magazine on the newsstand and wonder who that dress is by? And the color alone is so beautiful, springy, and definitely cover worthy. Congratulations Anthony Williams! And thank you Joanna Coles for making this one of the coolest challenges ever:-)

This is Heidi Klum (duh) wearing the winning dress! I love how they styled it on the cover using the diamond earrings by Lorraine Schwartz worn as brooches.

This is Anthony Williams, the designer. He is fabulous!This is the way the cover actually looks. Look for it on newsstands. You can't miss the beautiful cover.

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