March 9, 2010

Why Not Shine When You're Awake!

How many of you out there love to shine, but feel like you have to be a late night party animal to be able to wear sequins? I used to feel this way. It was such a sad thing because I hardly ever go out and yet I LOVE to shine. Recently I wore my Diane Von Furstenberg sequin skirt to work and it made me feel so glamorous. Some would say it was a bit much. But for wasn't enough. I did tone it down by keeping my top half very simple, keeping accessories to a minimum, and wearing ballet flats. I got a ton of compliments. And it's not the compliments I am necessarily after. It's the expression of an onlooker. You can see that just by looking at you they get a tiny bit of inspiration that maybe they too can work this look. Maybe a sequin skirt or a top is a bit much for your everyday life. Try thinking on a smaller scale. Like accessories. Just wrapping a thin sequin scarf around your neck or sporting a sequin shoe or handbag will give you just the right amount of shine to make you feel pretty. You will not only see the glimmer of your sequins, but you will see the sparkle in others eyes as they look at you and smile and get that tiny bit of fresh air that makes them say "I could try that."
This Diane Von Furstenberg knit top with gorgeous a sequin neckline is one of my favorite things. It almost looks like feathers. Notice how her hair is kept super simple and she is wearing no jewelry. Very modernista;-) (I think I just made another word up!)
The sequin jacket pictured here is by DKNY and just one word can sum this look up: FABULOUS. LOVE it with the jeans.

And last but not least, here is an example of how a sequin scarf can make an otherwise simple outfit a little less.......simple:-)


Frannie said...

I love sparkles and sequins :)

Laura said...

love all this stuff!