March 2, 2010

STAR light, STAR bright, 1st STAR I see tonight! I wish I may, I wish I does the rest go?

There are four different reasons why I LOVE seeing stars. The 1st one is that they remind me of a really cool pair of dark denim jeans I had in the 1st grade. They had a big yellow star embroidered on one of the back pockets. Super cool then, and super cool now. The 2nd is that who doesn't want to be reminded that there is a universe out there that has not been fully explored and probably never will be?!! How mysterious:-) And speaking of the universe always makes me realize my insignificance in this world which sort of puts me in my's a good thing:-)3rd, I think how proud I am to be an American:-) And 4th................................who doesn't think of the greatest all American Hero when wearing star a motif.....WONDER WOMAN!!!

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