March 11, 2010

Today's Inspiration: The Tropics

This photograph from my latest Anthropologie catalog was so inspiring to me! I have never been to a tropical rain forest, but by flipping through Anthropologie's latest catalog I feel almost like I have explored the "Wild Corners of the World."

These gorgeous leafy earrings are so adorable and definitely make me think of the tropics. How pretty will these be worn with your hair worn pulled back in a soft chignon or a french twist?! They key is to not try to make your hair look too "done." Keep it soft by letting pieces fall naturally around your face. These earrings are 'Made in Maine by Maria'. And can be made especially for you upon request.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Laura - thank you for showing off my earrings so nicely ... Just wanted to let you and all of your readers know that you can reach "Made in Maine by Maria" at 207-450-0503. I love special orders; for example, those ladybugs come in four or five other colors! Maria