April 7, 2010


I am totally in awe of the talented designers that are out there in the world! This week I read about Prabal Gurung in my April 2010 edition of Vogue on page 166. The writers for Vogue seem to always give me the sense that I have actually met the subject after I am done reading. Prabal Gurung launched his first collection during the recession which can't be easy. I think his love for fashion and designing counteracted that. We all know that if you are passionate about something even a recession won't hold you back. He is not looking to get famous. He has a passion for designing clothing for women who crave well made garments made out of luxury fabrics. It's not about being trendy. This young designer is in no hurry to be the next big thing, but things happen when you least expect it. And as an outsider looking in, I believe that Prabal Gurung is the next big thing. I happen to adore the way he used bows in his Spring 2010 collection. Supposedly his inspiration was the well known Hell's Angels motor cycle gang in NYC. The jackets he created are inspired by the way the Angles sat on their cycles, shoulders hunched while grasping the handle bars. A picture I can easily conjure up in my head. I totally get it. Although, The Hell's Angels are not really the 1st thing that comes to my mind when viewing his collection. I wonder if Vogue would ever do a photo shoot using his ladylike designs on a stunning model riding a chopper. Now that would be cool;-)

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