April 4, 2010


Yes, fashion is everywhere. We cannot avoid it. It finds us while we stare at fashion magazines while we wait in a checkout line at the store, we get haunted at work by that coworker that always looks fabulous, and we can't help but watch just a little bit of The Hills as we flip through the channels and notice that these adorable youngsters know how to dress. (most of the time;-) Then we start to question ourselves. We start to think that maybe we should be dressing like that. I also battle this same fashion confusion from time to time and then I have to stop and ask myself, is every outfit in a current issues of a fashion magazine meant for everyone to embrace and actually wear? The answer to this question is simple. NO. You should never feel like you have to run out and get the latest trend to be in style or called fashionable by your peers. In fact doing so can create an opposite effect. It could earn you a label that you are most certainly not, but when you look like it, then you are it, in other peoples eyes if you know what I mean. Today I will address a few fashion mistakes that many women make and they don't mean to. They are just going along with the trends or with 'what's out there.' Sometimes you have to think outside the box a little to make the current trends your own. And there is nothing wrong with sitting out on a trend if it is not meant for you. Pheewww there I said it! I have to keep telling myself that once in a while. I will say it again just to get it through my own head. There is nothing wrong with sitting out on a trend. When you love fashion like I do, it feels like you are committing a crime or not appreciating fashion if you don't own a current trend or wear it like everyone else is . Some of you may or may not know what I mean, others will completely identify.
Here we have a lovely dress by Black Halo. As you can see, her arms are covered yet this dress is super duper sexy and modern. A collegue of mine once told me that ALL women look GREAT in sleeveless! I was sort of dumbfounded, but she was my boss and in this particular situation, arguing with her would get us nowhere. She wasn't the person producing them. She just knew that we had to SELL them. I wasn't convinced. Being in retail for 18 years, the complaint I have heard most of all from women is 'I hate my arms!' I am not sure why, but it is really hard to find dresses with sleeves out there in the world of department stores. I don't know who is creating all this madness, but it needs to be addressed. When I look at designer collections I really don't see only sleeveless designs being created. There are many different sleeve lengths. In fact I was very pleased to see that Chanel had an array of sleeve lengths in the Spring 2010 ready-to-wear collection. If Chanel is doing it then doesn't that mean people should be copying this look and bringing it down the ladder to us little people to buy at the stores we shop at? It is a mystery that must be solved.

This lady looks great in sleevelss. She should be wearing this dress! She looks great! THIS LOOK IS NOT FOR EVERYONE and it's ok if you can't wear this sleeveless style. Don't feel like you should kill yourself or get plasic surgery to wear it. Opt for one with sheer organza sleeves or you could wear a cardigan or a bolero style jacket. It just takes a little experimenting.

What a great idea for that lady who wants her arms covered! This blouse underneath this sleevelss dress is charming! And the belt just adds a little extra interest. I'm loving it!

These are the shorts I will be sporting this season if any at all. Shorts have never been my forte. But if you read my blog the other day you would know that shorts are a HUGE of the moment trend. THIS LOOK IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY and I am not totally on board with the whole shorts idea. Truth be known, I don't tan and I hate my white legs. I use some self tanner and I feel a little better. And it has to be really HOT for me to wear shorts. I hate it that I feel like this. I adore the way that they look on someone with great legs. And it breaks my heart when someone with great legs is wearing shorts but they are wearing them with sneakers. YIKES. I think 'If I had those legs I'd be wearing some fabulous high heel sandals with those cute shorts!'
These ladies look fabulous in their shorts. I am particularly fond of Queen Latifa's version (on the far left). She looks so sexy and chic without looking even a tiny bit trashy.
Skirts are my thing. They feel classy and I feel like they look great on everyone. Mini skirts are the trend right now but MINI SKIRTS ARE NOT FOR EVERYBODY. I feel most comfortable when wearing a skirt that is knee length like this one by Oscar de la Renta. And yes, you must wear a high heel with this length skirt. No flats allowed. A flat shoe with this length skirt will shorten your leg and make you look stumpy. Well, maybe after work when you have to run in to the grocery store and pick up a few things. (not my favorite thing to do)

I love Victoria's Secret thigh high hose with lace. They really stay up and actually make you feel super sexy! They also come in some very natural colors that look like your own skin. And they are so sheer that they even feel like your real skin. Only better;-)
Hose is something that I hear most women hate. This I find baffeling. To tell you the truth they can hide many figure flaws and make you look great. On the other hand, if you have no flaws, don't bother to put them on. Oh and by the way, I hate you. ha ha Just kidding!! But remember, BARE LEGS ARE NOT FOR EVERYBODY. I find that wearing thigh highs in the summer can be very comfortable. They hide any imperfections and make wearing a closed toe or a slight peep toe pump more comfy. Sandals, on the other hand, should never be worn with hose. I am going to be blunt here. It just looks so bad. Plus it makes your toes slide all over the place and come out over the end of your sandal. Not good. So, if you hate your feet don't wear sandals. And if you don't have perfect legs wear hose. And never wear them together. Confused yet?

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