April 2, 2010

Gray and Purple Passion

Purple and Gray PassionIt seems like it has been a while since we have been able to find anything to wear in lavender or purple. This past spring and summer it seems to be one of the hottest colors of the season! It still isn't plentiful by any means. It still requires some research, especially if you are looking for a specific shade. But at least it is out there and more accessible. I often wondered why it was so hard to find. It is a color that flatters so many different skin tones. Kind of like blue does and blue seems to be QUITE plentiful. Of course purple and black go great together and I am loving that look for fall. But gray is such a sad color that can be made to look so soft and pretty when worn with the perfect lavender/purple shade. I thought that this might be a great color combo for your Easter Sunday since most of you are not daring enough to wear your white pants yet. (Speaking of white.....I think I will be wearing my white jeans this weekend. I AM NOT AFRAID!)
Purple and Gray Passion by LauraLy

Talbots has the right idea:-)

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