April 5, 2010

Introducing EcoSkin ~ Saving The Planet Has Never Looked So Stylish!

This is Sandy Skinner, the brilliant lady who thought that we should be able to be both stylish and earth friendly at the same time! Hallelujah! She is so passionate about her belief in saving the planet that she developed EcoSkin, a company who only uses environmentally sustainable luxury fabrics that are woven, dyed and sewn in the USA. I wrote a blog a little while back titled 'Ladylike Chic Eco Friendly Fashions'. In that blog I included a picture of a ruffled little black dress by EcoSkin. Sandy e mailed me and said that she read my blog and that she loved it and would like to see me cover some of EcoSkin's new merchandise! I was so honored! I can tell that she puts her heart into her work. She personally oversees every detail that goes into her designs.....and her personal e mails. Thank you Sandy for recognizing me;-)

Take notice that these dresses have great sleeves. A feature that every woman seems to love. Not everyone wants a sleeveless dress. Sandy Skinner realizes this. She has invented styles for real women. Fashions for every body type. Not just for ladies under the age of 40, although they would look fabulous on a lady in her 20's as well. And we can all feel so proud to be wearing something that has been made right here in the USA with the finest eco friendly elements. For more EcoSkin styles, make sure you visit the website: www.ecoskincollections.com

Ok, so this dress only has one sleeve. I just had to throw this one into the mix. It just happens to be one of my favorite designs from the EcoSkin Spring 2010 dress collection. So feminine. So beautiful!

These tees are amazing. In fact they are the prettiest tees I have ever seen! You will find more of these hemp tee designs at www.ecoskincollections.com. Each one represents an animal that Sandy herself has worked with, nurtured, and loved over the years through her time volunteering at Animal Actors Worldwide. Launching this line of tees is helping raise awareness for wildlife issues and animal safety care.
This is the ruffled little black dress by EcoSkin that I included in my blog titled 'Ladylike Chic Eco Friendly Fashions' on March 14th, 2010. www.laurasstyle.com/2010/03/ladylike-chic-eco-friendly-fashion-no.html
Click on the link above and check it out!
This Sodalite Jumpsuit is my of the moment obsession by EcoSkin! It's so Charlie's Angel-esque!!!

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