April 13, 2010

Mary-Kate + Ashley = FABULOUS

 The Olsen twins have always had a special place in my heart. I was twelve or thirteen years old when they were on the TV sitcom Full House. At that time I didn't realize that they were twins and that they used to switch them off and on the set during taping. All I knew is that they were adorable and that I LOVED the show! Now they are 23 years old and not only are they beautiful ladies they are one of my greatest inspirations! I have always admired their personal style. Very modern and chic. I think Mary-Kate tends to go a little towards the boho side of  modern chic and Ashley tends to wear that sort of vintage modern chic style (which is more me, not that I don't totally appreciate Mary-Kate and her look as well:-) They both have each other and I would have to assume that sharing the spotlight with your twin sister must be about as good as stardom can get! I'm sure it can get a little crazy being famous since the day that you were put on this planet. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have managed to stick together. Of course I don't know them personally, but it seems that they are very close. You would have to be close to be able to create three fabulous clothing lines together! They are the co-directors for a company you may have heard of called Elizabeth and James. You can view their collections by clicking on this link: Elizabeth and James. There you will find fun and luxurious contemporary pieces that they have created in collaboration with Robert Lee Morris. You can find Elizabeth and James at high end stores and boutiques like Saks Fifth Avenue as well as a store on 195 Middle St. in Portland, Maine called Chantal. You can shop on their website if you can't make it to Portland Shop Chantal. The twins also have created a line called Olsenboye that is sold exclusively at JC Penny stores. This is such a cute, fun, and trendy line for juniors but there are pieces that I would love to integrate into my wardrobe as well, even though I am no longer a teenager. It is all in how you wear it! Here is an adorable video advertising Olsenboye. It is so cute! I wish I had these girls lives! The Olsenboye girl has sooo much fun and she lives for her friends. Take a second to watch this video. It will make you smile:-)

The Olsen twins have become quite successful in the fashion world. So successful that they created the most luxurious of their collections under a different name called The Row. Below you will find some of the most simple designs you have ever seen created by Mary-Kate and Ashley for The Row in the finest of fabrics and most flattering cuts. I adore the simplicity of these designs. They really speak loudly for being so.......uncomplicated. This is how I wish to portray myself. I am a bit more complicated though. At least on the inside;-)  
You really should take a minute and visit The Row website. Find where you can watch the video of the models getting ready back stage and another video of the actual The Row Fall 2010 fashion show. Of course you will be able to view all of the collections as well. This website really gave me the feeling of what the designers wanted to get across. Which to me was finding something so incredibly beautiful in simplicity. 

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