April 21, 2010

Olivia Palermo Makes Her OWN Statement

Lets face it. Olivia Palermo has GREAT style. She might have more money than some of us make in our lifetime, but I truly believe that her sense of style has nothing to do with that. She just simply knows how to wear clothes, but most importantly she knows what to wear for accessories from her hair and make up (which is a big part of your total look that some people forget about) to her jewelry, shoes and handbag. She admitted in People Style Watch magazine that she sometimes get so excited about a piece of jewelry that she builds her outfit around it! To me this is normal. I do the same! Accessories are so fun to wear, but they can make or break your overall look. In her case her look is always a hit. She adores accessories so much that she recently has collaborated with designer Roberta Freymann to create her own jewelry line! As we know she is famous for sporting the coolest bib style necklaces. Now we can purchase the ones that she has created! You will want to click here >>ROBERTA FREYMANN by OLIVIA PALERMO to purchase one, two or all three of her bib necklaces pictured below!


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