April 18, 2010

Splatter It On!!!!

This look really caught my eye when flipping through my April edition of People Style Watch. As you know I am an 80's child so I was very influenced by this era. YIKES! Fortunately I did not stay completely stuck in the 80's. Come to think of it there were certain trends I did not follow. For one, I never had big hair. Thank God! The pictures of me from back then are bad enough! There were certain trends that I did follow though, and one of them being PAINT SPLATTERS! I think it was the colors that drew me in. They are so pretty and so random. It made me feel happy:-) Today I still feel the same!
The tee on the right is by Born Famous Couture which is a brand that they often carry at Hot Topic. Who would have known that I would ever want to actually enter that store. huh......This just goes to show that you never want to say never!

Beautiful, by YSL. 

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