April 11, 2010

To Tuck or Untuck?....That is the question.....

Peasant blouse styles are EVERYWHERE. They can look fabulous on the right person. Typically, they look great on ladies that are not as well endowed. They can add that bit of volume to the chest that some women, including myself, can use;-) Lately though, I am hearing that a lot of women do not need that extra volume in the chest area. They do just fine without the help of a full peasant style blouse. The trouble is that peasant style blouses are everywhere and some voluptuous ladies happen to love them. If you want to love the peasant style blouse, even though it might not be the best choice for your figure, you can always just simply try tucking the blouse in. It actually works well in quite a few instances and can make you look more pulled together than wearing it on the outside. This even works well for us less endowed ladies. I happen to love the way a peasant style blouse looks when worn under a cardigan or lady jacket with a cool belt. This is a very 'Michelle Obama Look.' Also tucking in a peasant blouse gives your look that little bit of extra polish that you don't necessarily get when wearing it on the outside. Peasant blouses can tend to look very casual. Tucking cures this! In the following photos you will see an UNTUCKED version of a peasant blouse and a TUCKED version. Just look what a simple tuck (or belt) can do for you! Try it for yourself!

Here is the same blouse as the one pictured below except it is in black & white and it is TUCKED! Look how cute with the belt.
This is a peasant blouse of my own that I bought at the Gap several years ago. Notice it just never seems to go out of style?? The way we wear it tends to get dated though. This is the UNTUCKED version. To me, this is just ok. And ok is not what we are going for. See the photo below for a more polished look.

Much more polished:-)

Much more fun with the belt. You could even do a cardigan in just about any color with the belt around the outside of it and the blouse.

To me, this looks dated. Or like it should be worn as a beach cover up. Not so good.

Much cuter TUCKED! It really shows off the cute waistband of these Anlo jeans that I got on sale at Neiman Marcus. Why wouldn't I want to show that off?! Now I just need some red patent pumps which I am still on the hunt for

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Laura said...

great post, I love all those tops!