April 20, 2010


{Juicy Couture denim leggings}
The denim legging trend is probably the most comfortable trend that has ever happened! They feel like you are in your pj's. They are so soft and you will love wearing them on those bloated days. (we all have them:-( I didn't know how I was going to like this trend when I first heard the likes of it. This is an '80's look that has come back totally transformed into something modern and super cool. In the 80's we didn't know when enough was enough. We wore leggings with bright neon sweatshirts that hung off the shoulder, perhaps accessorized with rubber bracelets going up the arm, a Janet Jackson-esque key hanging off one of our over sized hoop earrings, and a big Madonna style bow on the top of our bushy permed hair. YIKES. It seemed like it was about how many bad looks we could possibly put together and wear all at the same time! Well, we are not back in the 80's, trust me. When wearing a denim legging keep the look clean and wear something with a little extra volume on top to balance the look such as a boyfriend blazer or cardigan. Oh, and wearing heels with the denim leggings looks the best but is not completely necessary. A flat can be really cute and way more practical when we have to be. Give it a try! What do you think of the denim legging? I would love to know if YOU will be wearing it!

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