May 14, 2010

My New Buddy! (so to speak;-)

{Anna Sui}
As you may already know, I am loving the color YELLOW this spring. I have purchased a little yellow myself including a pair of cropped skinny leg pique pants which I may just have to wear today with my little gray jacket:-) I recently became friends with Anna Sui on Facebook (She accepted my friend request!! Okay, so she also has like over 1,000 friends most of whom she has never met I'm sure , but still!!! I am excited, not to mention truly honored..............So I of course wanted to write a short blog based on her and one of her many designs. This particular dress is something I came across on The As you can see, it's yellow and I am in love with it! I was thinking about how perfect and different this would be to wear to a summer wedding.  And you know me, I always have to be a little different. Life is more fun that way!!! I also know me and I know that I would be a little chilly at times wearing something like this in Maine, so I did a Google search for a little gray shrug that would look kind of cute and not ruin the look of the dress. The shrug was something I found on Ebay for a very affordable price. I also am loving the look in the last photo with the black accessories. A perfect and fun summer evening look!

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