May 22, 2010

Cowgirl vs Pocahontas~Which One is You???

I just love these two looks for the hot summer days! In the above photo you might have noticed that it is Penelope Cruise modeling both of these looks. Which one is more you? For me it is hard to decide. It is so much fun playing dress up. Why not be a Cowgirl one day and Pocahontas the next?! As you can see, both looks have been modified so they are wearable. You won't look like you have a costume on. You will just look pretty! 

Try a tousled do with a little braided headband around your forehead. You can find headbands like this a Target. This is a recent look that I spotted the fashionable gals on The Hills wearing. It is tres LA!

I have always been partial to feather earrings. These ones by Elizabeth and James are so delicate. 

Stella McCartney <3 LOVE!!

Fringe bag by HYPE. 

Very affordable moccasin boots by Minnetonka $87.99

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