May 5, 2010

THE EAGLE HAS LANDED~at American Eagle:-)

{Rhinestone and Braid Bracelet $12.50. This comes in a couple of other colors too!}
American Eagle has never been my cup of tea. I walk by their window in the mall and see a whole bunch of shrunken tees, denim micro minis, and tattered jeans. Of course the window display always looks fabulous and I do actually look twice. It is amazing what they can do to make this merchandise look special and like a 'must have' for young teens. I am not saying there is anything wrong with looking like you are a laid back beach bum, I am just saying #1 it's too cold in Maine to fully achieve this beach look, and #2 it's just not really fashion. It's just clothes. And that's just my opinion. We welcome yours:-)
I do have to say that American Eagle has some fabulous accessories!! And you will NEED these accessories to glam up those jeans and tees from American Eagle. Or you can wear them with your business suit, your cocktail dress, to your daughters wedding, or to your own wedding! This stuff is gorgeous and it is also AFFORDABLE. Take a look and see for yourself!

{aE mixed Multi chain Necklace $15.50}
{AE Silver Stacked Ring $15.50}

{AE Colorful Bead Bracelet $12.50}

{AE Hibiscus Fedora $19.95}

{AE Charm Statement Necklace $19.50}

{AE Turquoise and Pearl Hoops $12.50}

{AE Dainty Turquoise Necklace $15.50}

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