May 11, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Roses!

This dress that Sarah Jessica is wearing is so lovely and so feminine.
See the photo below for a very similar vintage dress that I found on
 I know I am a bit obsessed with roses right now. Last week I had posted a blog titled 'Rosette Accents Give That Feminine Touch.' Well there is a slight difference between roses and rosettes. Roses are larger in size and seem to open up to a fuller flower while rosettes are more petite. Both are just as beautiful and create happiness when worn! Here are just a few happy little numbers that I found while surfing the net...........Are you getting happy yet???
As I stated above, you can find this little retro number on ESTY. I can picture this being worn at an afternoon tea or a garden party. Who has those types of occasions you ask? Well, you do if you plan it! And this dress is worth planning a special occasion around;-) Simple hair and simple makeup would be best worn with this. See how Sarah Jessica is styling this look above. A perfect example.

This top by Leifsdotter is my pick from the garden of roses. I must own this!!! I will be watching it all season to see if it ever goes on sale. It might have to be saved for next summer, but if I own it I will treasure it for years!

Madonna wearing a Louis Vuitton rose print scarf designed by artist Stephen Sprouse.

This is about as feminine as a pair of Doc Martins gets! Cute with a pair of faded rolled up boyfriend jeans!

A rose Swatch.........I LOVE it!
Log on to Facebook to view my complete rose garden album. It is so nice to see this pretty flower in full bloom!


Frannie said...

I really want those Doc Martens!!!

Tesa said...

cute blog! :)