May 8, 2010

ORANGE You Glad to See Me?

 Orange is not normally a color that I go for. But I am really in the mood for something new and exciting! Orange is a color that we don't see enough of, but at this moment I feel that it is making a comeback. We did see glimpses of it last year when the safari look hit stores in the early spring. This year we are seeing glimpses of it again, and for some reason I am taking a second glance at it. I do not want to become one of those people who say 'I cannot wear that color.' I want to always have the attitude that I will find the right shade that compliments me in every color! I will make it work somehow and you can too :-) We might have to put on a necklace to break the color up and away from our face a bit, and that is okay.  I love the way orange looks worn with navy or a dark khaki shade like she is wearing in the photo. The top in the photo to the left is from Talbots. It is from last spring, but I just found it on in the OUTLET section of their website. They are offering 50% off all of their online outlet merchandise right now!! I LOVE a bargain and I just know you do too. This top is offered in a rainbow of colors and it was only $14.99 (reg price was $79!) INCREDIBLE DEAL! This style top is great for my body type because I am smaller on top. If you are bustier, I would consider another style. Anyway, orange is my color of the moment. Think about a color that you think you cannot wear and just experiment. Remember, colors come in so many different hues. I know there is one for you out there!
This necklace is from Talbots also. It is not in the outlet :-(
It is $69 and it is GORGEOUS!

I am adoring this orange leather Cori tote bag by Kooba. I can almost feel how buttery soft it would be in person!

I love fun watches and this orange watch from Phillip Stein's 'Fruits' collection is perfect! 

Anthropologie~ I always can find something beautiful there......

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