May 17, 2010

What exactly is Timeless Style??

Timeless Style. 
We all have heard of ladies who have this trait. What does it mean exactly?
I believe that if you look back at a photo of yourself 20 years ago and you can say to yourself, "I would wear that today" then that means that you have timeless style.
Here are a few photos of ladies that could walk into any era and fit right in. These ladies have
Timeless Style.
This is Audrey Hepburn through the years. Look how fabulous she looks throughout her whole life!
Not every ones style is timeless and not everyone is ashamed of this. It IS okay to embrace a trend. But you don't want to embrace a trend if it doesn't flatter your body. I say forget the trends and embrace what looks good on you. You can always grab a great on trend accessory to update your look. It is mostly your hairstyle and make up that actually give you your style believe it or not. If you look like you just rolled out of bed you might as well just keep your jammies on! You will totally break your look if you don't get it all going on together. Here are the 4 fashion rules to follow in order of importance:
1.} PUT YOUR MAKE UP ON~Even if your look is bohemian. They make natural looking make up. You just have to know how to apply it. (Your fingernails and toe nails are included in Rule #1 as well. I realize that we all can't wear polish. But if you can, then do! Even if it is just a natural shade. It just makes you feel good.)
2.} DO YOUR HAIR~ This doesn't mean that you have to have it in one style every day. You might want to experiment a little here and there. The same style can get boring. If you are wearing a feminine look such a ruffles then you want to balance your look with a modern hairstyle. If you have a more tailored style going on then you might want to try soft waves in your hair so that your look isn't so severe.
3.} PUT YOUR CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES ON~ Think simple clothing and add accessories to change your looks up a bit. You will be amazed at what accessories can do for your look!)
5.} CONFIDENCE IS COOL. Cocky is not. There is a difference. You might need to get in tune with your spiritual side to really understand rule #4. This can be tricky.

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