May 3, 2010

WHITE Lights, Big City!

A white blazer is a timeless piece that you must have in your wardrobe. You will find that you will wear it so often in the summer. You can throw it on over anything and look fabulous! It really is the one piece that you can't be without. Here are a few reasons why you must own one:

1.) It looks fantastic worn over a pretty dress.

2) It looks super cool and modern when worn with leggings.

3) It looks super fresh and preppy when worn with jeans. I love how it looks on Gwenyth when worn with a faded pair of cropped straight leg jeans. Who would have known that something so simple would look so great?! 

4) It looks great with the NEON COLORS that we are seeing everywhere this summer.

5) It is adorable when worn with Bermuda shorts for that 'All American Girl' kind of look.

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