June 12, 2010

Do the Polka! {Dot}

Although it is unclear where the polka-dot originated from, it continues to be a popular pattern that women have worn for years and years. I love the sweetness polka-dots give to a look. You can have a really sexy dress (like the one pictured above) and still come across as sophisticated! Polka-dots never go out of style. They just get more popular once in a while and right now dots are in the limelight again!
This polka-dot trench from Top Shop is a must! It also has a very affordable price tag of $160!

Here is my girl Cameron wearing a super chic polka-dot look. I ADORE how she threw the striped heel on the shoe into the mix still staying with the same color combo. Achieve this look of mixing of stripes and polka-dots with a clutch or handbag as well, just make sure you stay with the same color combo as Miss Diaz did or else you could look a little too mixed up .

 Lauren Merkin 'Lotte' polka-dot clutch

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