June 25, 2010

I Couldn't Hold Out Any Longer!

Beacon Hill exotic coin purse from Talbots

I have been eyeing this little beauty for waaay too long. Today was the day that I couldn't hold myself back any longer. I have been needing a small bag like this for when I am out and about running errands. It is just the right size for carrying my debit card, licence, lip gloss, a small compact, and some business cards. That tote bag is getting really heavy and what a pain to drag around especially when you like to move fast like I do:-) This little bag will serve it's purpose well. I will take it on trips as well as carry it as an evening bag in the hot summer months. Plus, how cute would it look if I go out dancing, which I never do. Not because I don't like to, but because there is no place up to my standards in the Bangor, Maine area. Sorry, but it's true:-( But if dancing at a club is in my future, I will have the perfect little bag!

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