June 5, 2010

Just A Little Something To Look Forward To.....

A gorgeous minimalist/menswear look by Salvatore Ferragamo for Fall 2010. Notice, hair is long wavy and ultra feminine to balance out the look.
I know that 'Fall' is a nasty word to be mentioning right now, but I just can't help it! I was flipping through my new Harper's Bazaar last night and I am LOVING the new minimalist looks that I am seeing for fall. I never thought I would ever be excited for a look that is so modern and not so frilly. Ruffles have been so BIG for spring and summer, you had to know it was going to come to an end soon. Don't get me wrong. I ADORE ruffles. And I will still wear my frills here and there. But for some reason, the minimalist looks for fall give me a sense of being organized and and being able to operate with a clear mind. (my mind has been a bit jumbled lately;-)
The first two bags have been designed by Phoebe Philo for Celine. The last bag but certainly not least bag to the far right with the H emblem at the clasp is by Hermes. If you really are intending to purchase one of these bags you better start saving now.(and get on the waiting list)They range in price $3,400-$5,950. I must learn to live with the fact that I will never own one of these. I think I am going to cry!!!
However................I will do my best to find a shape like this. I bet
Etienne Aigner will have one the suits my budget. I have always loved their signature A emblem. Reminds me of my sisters handbags she used to carry and I used to admire as a little girl:-)

Jimmy Choo
But for now, be happy carrying a gorgeous straw bag to celebrate summer. I love the structure of this straw bag and the leather details make it feel a little less bohemian, which will balance out your ruffles this summer;-)

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Laura said...

I love that Jimmy Choo bag!