June 15, 2010

Laura's Style Necessity~THE TRENCH DRESS

The trench dress is one of my greatest style necessities. I knew that I was buying a classic when I found my Burberry double breasted trench dress (pictured in the left photo) a couple of years ago on Ebay. It is a piece that will never go out of style and I will always reach for it during the summer months when I want something that looks professional yet cool. It is a really easy piece to wear since it requires little thought to style. Just pop on a scarf, simple cz or pearl earrings, and some really cool pumps and I am good to go! If you don't already own one of these you just might need to think about it. A great look for the office, yet can look really sexy for an evening out as well. It's all about how you accessorize.
                                Burberry                                                                Pink Tartan

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