June 23, 2010

Put Away Those Spikes and Get Ladylike!!

clas·sic [klas-ik
1. of enduring interest, quality, or style: a classic design

When I found out that ladylike low heels are all the rage for Fall 2010 I had to hold myself back from sighing out loud with relief!! I couldn't let my colleagues know that I had been in pain all this time! That wouldn't be glamorous! Being a retired ballerina has given me both the discipline and grace that one must possess in order to wear three to four inch heels for a nine hour workday. Okay, so taking all that pain isn't the healthiest thing in the world, but fashion is not usually comfortable, right? Well, the three classic shoe styles pictured below are fairly comfortable, are my top picks for summer, and are in style ALL THE TIME. How can we wait until fall to sport the lower heels? It's simple.We can't! And we don't have to. They are a classic.
Valentino open toe couture pump.

Everyone needs a red pump to add that pop to your look. Fabulous with white or black pants and skirts. Also loving navy and red worn together to create that nautical look for summer.

Jimmy Choo nude slingback

If you don't already have a nude shoe for summer, you better get moving. A nude shoe like this one goes with anything and also creates a long lean leg when worn with skirts and nude or no hose. Try to get a pair that matches closely with your skin tone for your best look.

I couldn't resist these little metallic cuties from Anthropologie. They are the perfect comfy wedge to wear with anything from cropped pants or shorts! Treat a metallic shoe like a neutral. They go with everything and they add just a little hint of shimmer:-)

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