June 28, 2010

The Timeless Elegance of Jacqueline Kennedy

I was totally inspired this past Sunday evening as I relaxed with a glass of wine on the sofa with my cat as my husband was cooking diner. I actually had control of the remote and began flipping through the HD channels until I came to QVC. Usually when I turn to QVC there is some type of camera or big screen TV that they are trying to sell so I continue to flip. Not this time. They were selling replicas of Jacqueline Kennedy's jewels and accessories! But it wasn't just about the jewels they were selling that inspired me. In fact, I didn't order a thing! It was the amazing man who was telling stories about her life and each piece and what it meant to her. It was the meaning behind it all that really inspired me. It was all about the feeling it gave me. She was such a fashion icon. Her style was simple, yet not just anyone could pull it of like she did. This goes to show you that fashion is not just about the clothes you wear. It is about being you, and being the best you that you can possibly be! 

 Pictured above to the left are the earrings from Van Clef and Arpels that John gave her as a gift after the birth of Caroline. The photo on the left shows her wearing them. She wore these earrings so often to many of the special occasions she attended. Eventually she had them made into a convertible style so she could take off the chandelier on the bottom and just wear the top as studs.
John, Jacqueline, and Caroline

Below is the best close up I could find of Jacqueline wearing this gold emerald ring pictured above. It's my understanding that it was a gift for their 10th anniversary which was their last anniversary together. He would die that November. She never took it off. After she died two of the emeralds were taken out to make Caroline and John Jr. a ring of their own. John Jr. would give his to his bride to be. The two emeralds were replaced with diamonds. They are not allowed to replicate the ring in the later state. It is very personal.

A classic watch for a classic lady.

I just love the over sized square frame sunglasses worn by Jacqueline in the above left photo. The glasses in the photo on the right are by Nina Ricci and can be found at EyeGoodies.com
These over sized frames inspired by Jacqueline Kennedy can be found on QVC at an affordable price of $48

The triple strand pearls. A necessity for every lady.

The ladylike jacket on the left is by Kate Spade. I thought it was a nice take on Jackie's style. A piece you will own and wear forever.

This is the lovely Minaudiere ClutchBag with Chain carried by Jacqueline on evenings of elegance. Hers was 24 kt gold. A replica is available on QVC

Jacqueline Kennedy carrying the minaudiere clutchBag with chain.

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