June 16, 2010

What's Your Summer Color??

Summer is such a refreshing time of year. We all take vacations, go to parties, meet new friends, exercise more. (at least I do) I also feel like I just need a little something different in my closet to pep up my step a bit and make the most of the summer months. This summer I have picked the color yellow to give my wardrobe a boost. This isn't usually my 'go to color' but recently I have come across many gorgeous shades of yellow that actually look great on my not so tan skin tone. Hard to believe, I know. Everyone knows that when you have a tan, which most of us do in the summer, then you are able to wear most any color. Nowadays I don't sit out in the sun without a hat and sunblock so the skin color stays a lovely shade of pale. Self tanner helps but it doesn't completely give me the color I used to have when the sun used to kiss it (or damage it.) So getting back to the clothes. Here are some lovely yellow picks for the wardrobe this summer. You may be surprised to see how many different shades look nice even on healthy skin:-)
Tear Drop Ribbon Necklace From Talbots
Short sleeve v-neck tee from JCrew
Skinny ankle jeans from JCrew
Kate Spade Kellie Too shoe
Perfect Summer 'Sarah' Tote by County Girl Designs available on Laura's Style Boutique

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