July 27, 2010

Ohhhh The 80's!!!

As we all know I am an 80’s girl. It is hard for some to believe, but I absolutely loved the 80’s! The movie “Thirteen Going On Thirty” was right up my ally. The leggings, the neon colors, the Madonna style bows we wore in our hair, all give me flashbacks of being a young girl coming of age in an era that some would say was not the best for fashion trends. I don’t know how people can make this statement. Perhaps the fact that I was 11 might have had something to do with the trends at that time being right for me. Even the music was great. I remember listening to The Motels album in my room while sitting Indian style on the floor playing with my Barbie’s humming “Suddenly Last Summer.” My Barbie was everything I want to be now. She owned a clothing boutique which required hours of hanging all my  Barbie clothes on tiny hangers. Her shop was under a folding TV tray style table and  the clothes were hung on the bar that goes across the bottom. Of course this is not all she did. She also was a fashion show coordinator, and a magazine editor as well. I would spend hours making tiny magazines that only Barbie’s hands could hold.  Ohhh the 80’s. I miss those days!

Then came along the Glamour Gals. I guess they were Barbie’s dwarf cousin. I was never really sure what they were because well, lets face it, you really couldn’t do much with them except collect them. They were really cool though, and they were dressed in really tiny super trendy 80’s outfits. The photo above is of my Glamour Gal collection that I have managed to keep. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers the Glamour Gals! 
This is Loni. She had a really super cool red and white striped dress. I just happen to run across this really cute model wearing a cool vintage red and white striped dress online. {see photo below} Doesn't she look like Loni?!
Meet Jessie. I LOVED her cool denim skirt paired with a yellow blouse. Something about the length of this skirt with a heel is super chic. Reminds me of the ChloĆ© denim skirt that made it's debut this spring. {see below}

This is Dani. She looks so pretty and feminine in her pink dress with lace trim.
See my creation below keeping in mind Dani's style.

Estee Lauder - Pure Pops Creme Eyeshadow # 05 Blue Joy
$12 - yesstyle.com

And last but certainly not least, here is Loni again wearing her Hawaiian hula girl outfit. See what I created to capture Loni's hula look below.


phairhead said...

I had Shara! And I had the bastard version of Glamour Gals, all the dolls had gem names.

"Only the lonely can play..."

Unknown said...

I had Shara and Dani and Loni and a bunch of others. They are still at my mom's house in her basement, probably all tucked away in their little carrying case unless all the grandchildren have scattered them. I used to love these dolls, which is really funny considering I was never one to play with Barbies. Maybe it was the size? I was a Strawberry Shortcake girl - the other girls could keep their barbies.