July 5, 2010

Stay Cool with Summer Hats!

{my favorite straw fedora from Mod Cloth}
The heat is on these days! Finally! If you live in Maine, you know what I am talking about. We wait a long time to be able to enjoy this kind of weather. I think that we appreciate our summers more because of that. We are not used to 80 and 90 degree heat. Which is the main reason why we need to protect ourselves from it. Hats are a great way to shade yourself from the suns damaging rays. We all know that the facial skin is the thinnest skin on the body, so we must protect it. Plus hats are just super cool and way fun to wear :-)
This little number is called the Adorable Straw Hat with Bow. And isn't it adorable! How sweet and sexy would you look wearing this hat with your bikini on the beach this summer?! Find it at Laura's Style Boutique.
{Free People}
This hat screams super cool boho chic.
{Gap floppy hat}

Ribbon-Wrapped hat from Anthropologie. You've gotta love this hat. It's so pretty and feminine.

 Sometimes a little shade is all you need.
Find these sweet visors at one of my favorite online stores, Top Shop.

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